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To access the fillable PDF applications, please select from the following:

ADA Application (English)

ADA Application (Spanish)

Additional Instructions:

The above forms are in fillable PDF format. You must have a program installed on your computer that will read PDF forms, such as Adobe Reader which can be downloaded for free by clicking here.

Note: Different internet browsers use different methods for opening and using PDF files. If the file opens in your browser and the buttons listed below do NOT work properly, please download the file and save it to your local computer, then open it using Adobe Reader as noted above.

Once you have opened the form, you will see the following options:

  • Submit (recommended) – this option will automatically email the completed form to MMP for processing. If any required fields are missing you will be prompted to compete them before the form will be sent. Please be sure to digitally sign the document before attempting to email (see below for more info on this). This is the recommended option because it is fast, convenient, and insures that all required information has been put into the form.
  • Save – this options will allow you to save a copy of the form on your local computer. Any information entered into the form will be saved. This allows you to keep a copy of the form before emailing or printing it, or to save a partially completed form so that you can finish it at a later time.
  • Print – this option will print the form to your local printer with all information that you have entered. The option buttons will not show on the printed form, nor will the boxes around the fields where you have entered information. Use this option if you prefer to sign the document by hand and send it by postal mail.
Digital Signing:
These forms provide the ability to add a “digital” signature. A digital signature is the electronic equivalent of signing a paper document with a pen. This allows you to complete the form and then sign it without needing to print, sign and mail the form. If you choose this option, the form will walk you through the process of digitally signing the document.