Travel Training

MMP Travel Training Programs

TRAVEL TRAINING is the process of teaching an individual how to use buses, trains and light rail in the situational environment of public transportation systems. As part of our mission to promote improved access to greater transportation options for persons with disabilities, MMP has developed a comprehensive and robust travel training program based on our highly acclaimed Community Travel Training Curriculum© (CCTM). This curriculum provides a detailed, step-by-step process that tailors the training program to the individual needs of each client based not only on their physical and cognitive abilities, but also on the specific environmental barriers that they may face in their local community. This personalized program approach results in higher levels of success and retention for the applicants, and will provide the greatest long-term value to participants by presenting them with alternative transportation options.

At the core of the MMP program is the Transportation Assessment Plan (TAP)©, which is an assessment tool that has been refined through over 20 years of providing transportation services to various California Regional Centers. The TAP process provides for an in-depth analysis of an individual’s physical and cognitive skills, as well as a detailed analysis of their living situation and any environmental barriers, and then determines the most beneficial transportation options for the individual. In an institutional setting, this information provides agencies with the information needed to make informed decisions on individual transportation options that provide maximum benefit to the participant. On an individual basis it helps participants understand their rights and responsibilities regarding transportation, as well as informs them of all available options that meet their transportation needs.

This travel training program is currently available through various grant programs managed by MMP, as well as through partnerships with agencies such as Access Services in Los Angeles, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority, and the Ventura County Transportation Commission. For more information on MMP’s travel training programs and how they might benefit you or your organization, please contact us at (888) 667-7003, or email an information request to