RTA Chicago

MMP is proud to announce that we have been awarded a new contract working alongside Transdev to provide Travel Training Services in conjunction with their new ADA Eligibility Services contract for the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) in Chicago, IL. We are very excited about this new opportunity to provide services to persons with disabilities in that area. The official start date for these services is expected to be September 1, 2021. In the meantime we will be working hard to create the MMP team that will service this contract. Please keep checking this page for further information as we begin this new MMP adventure.

We are now accepting applications for available positions on the RTA Chicago Travel Training Project. Please visit our “Employment Opportunities” page for more information.

Note: The information on this page will be updated with additional information as wee begin to roll out this new project. For now, the following is the content of an information sheet we have prepared for existing members of the RTA Chicago Travel Training Team.

About MMP:
Mobility Management Partners (MMP) is a non-profit social enterprise company with corporate offices located in Camarillo, CA. Founded in 2009, MMP has built a reputation as an industry leader in the mobility management field with a particular specialization in Travel Training. For RTA Chicago, MMP is partnering with Transdev to provide the Travel Training services alongside Transdev’s ADA Eligibility program. Travel Training staff will be employed directly by MMP.

We have worked hard to develop a culture within our organization that provides a fulfilling work experience where our employees feel valued as individuals as well as for their knowledge and expertise. We strongly believe our employees actively doing the work have valuable contributions to make when it comes to deciding how each job is to be done. Both our employees and company benefit greatly by operating in a collaborative environment supporting creative thinking on every level. In the end, that’s what matters most – seeing the lives improve of those individuals we are privileged to serve. For more information see our Employment Opportunities page.

Our Vision:
The vision of MMP is to see all persons have access to safe, reliable and affordable transportation regardless of physical, intellectual or economic barriers that may hinder their ability to travel independently.

Our Mission:
The mission of MMP is to be an industry leader in supporting persons with disabilities, seniors, and others who face mobility and transportation challenges to enhance their quality of life and independence. This is accomplished through education, the improvement of existing systems, and the development of new programs in response to unmet needs within the community.

Our Values:
At the heart of MMP’s accomplishing our vision and mission is a common set of values that govern how we conduct business, both internally with our employees as well as externally with our customers and the clients we server. These values include: Freedom, Dignity, Compassion, Integrity, Dependability, Leadership, Innovation, Teamwork, Efficiency, and Determination.

Our Plan for RTA Chicago:
MMP is hoping to interview all existing Travel Training staff in the hopes that we will be able to retain as many of the existing staff as possible. We offer competitive wages and a comprehensive benefits package that includes paid vacation and sick time as well as medical, dental, vision, and long-term disability insurance and voluntary participation in a 401K retirement program.

Initial interviews will be held via online sessions, and our hope is that follow-up interviews and meetings will be held in-person as our startup date approaches. We look forward to getting to meet the RTA Chicago team and hope that you will want to join us on this journey!