Mobility Management Partners, Inc.


Mobility Management Partners, Inc. (MMP) is a non-profit agency with headquarters in Camarillo, CA. Established in 2009 in response to a growing need for professional mobility management services, MMP seeks to employ the best and brightest professionals, coupled with the latest technologies and methodologies in the transportation and human services fields, in order to accomplish our vision and mission.


The vision of MMP is to see all persons have access to safe, reliable and affordable transportation regardless of physical, intellectual or economical barriers that may hinder their ability to travel independently.


The mission of MMP is to be an industry leader in supporting persons with disabilities, seniors, and others who face mobility and transportation challenges to enhance their quality of life and independence. This is accomplished through education, the improvement of existing systems, and the development of new programs in response to unmet needs within the community.


MMP’s has identified a set of core values that govern how we go about accomplishing or vision and mission. These core values include:

Freedom – we believe that every individual deserves to live independently.

Dignity – we believe that every person is worthy of dignity and honor.

Compassion – we believe in showing compassion in all we do and say.

Integrity – we believe that unquestionable integrity is paramount to success.

Dependability – we believe that through dependability we demonstrate our true work ethic.

Leadership – we believe that all employees should be empowered to be leaders.

Innovation – we encourage innovation and creative thinking at all levels of the organization.

Teamwork – we believe that as a team we will achieve our goals.

Efficiency – we believe in making efficient use of our time and resources.

Determination – we are determined to see our vision and mission accomplished.


The following are the core services that MMP offers to its partner agencies and to their clients:

Travel Training – instruction to provide the knowledge and skills necessary for individuals to safely use public and alternative transportation options in their local community.

ADA Certification – paratransit eligibility assessments to determine if persons with disabilities can use public transportation systems.

Mobility Management Call Center – providing information regarding local community transportation options and eligibility requirements.

Mobility Management – Coordination of information and resources regarding alternatives to generic public transportation services, including trip brokerage and coordination services, and coordination of volunteer driver and mileage reimbursement programs.